TacView Warranty

If needed, TacView, Inc. will repair or replace this equipment within a period of two (2) years from the date of sale provided that the damage was not caused by negligence or unreasonable behavior.

Note: We want you to train with this equipment and use this equipment. If possible, we will fix any problems with this equipment even if you drop it while engaging in violent training - even when the warranty has expired. (We have dropped our own units from a height of 6 (six) feet onto a concrete surface during testing multiple times without damage!) The camera head can even be used to break and rake a widow...it is that tough. We have also taped Def-Tec 25 command initiated distraction devices to the camera head allowing us to see what we are banging. It kept working!

Our personal guarantee is that we will try to fix or repair any damage or replace any damaged parts at cost or no cost to you if it is damaged during training or actual use. We want you to train with our equipment not just keep it on the shelf only to be used for the real call outs.

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