TacView® 3.10
$2495.00 - Specifications

The TacView 3.10 is a pole mounted, IR/color camera that can help you search areas in full room light or in total darkness. The camera head size is 2” in diameter with built in auto on/off IR LEDs. It is strong enough to break and rake a window! The 3.10 allows viewing into a second story window or onto the roof of a one-story building from ground level. In addition, its camera head will detach and may be clamped onto the top of a shield or hidden and linked to a 100 foot cable (optional) that will let you discretely (and safely) watch your objective behind cover 100 feet away.

♦ Weatherproof, IR/Color, Super-HAD, super sensitive camera head with >400 lines of resolution, 6.0 mm lens, IR illuminator that turns on automatically at about 10.0 lux for night vision at 0.0 lux up to 30 feet – all of which is contained in a 2” black metal housing with a Pyrex lens that is tough enough to break and rake a window.


♦ Weatherproof and extremely durable 6.5” color/infrared TFT Monitor per requirements: 12 VDC Resolution (dots): 1200 (Hor.) x 234 (Vert.) Brightness:  450 NIT  Operating temperature -4°F to 176°F Yes

Two Types of  Power Supplies Included:  A high capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries giving a run time of up to 8 hours. Also, an emergency back-up power supply that can hold (8) AA alkaline batteries is included.

Video-out jack (normal RCA composite) to record the video to a VCR, a camcorder or a small digital recording device Yes
♦ The Telescopic Pole is expandable from three (3) feet to ten (10) feet. (Thus the name "3.10".) Yes
♦ A Chest Harness and Vest Clamp for mounting the monitor onto the front or back of a uniform or load-bearing vest. Yes
♦ One-hundred (100) feet of Extension Cable that enables the detachable camera head to be positioned away from the monitor (for covert, long-distance surveillance behind concealment or cover. Optional
♦ Extra Nickle Metal-Hydride rechargable battery Optional
♦ A Carrying Case that holds all. Yes
♦ Two (2) year Warranty and thirty (30) day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee Yes
♦ N.T.O.A. Member Tested and Recommended Yes

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